Italian crafts for dogs

We are a group of active and creative persons, linked together by the love for dogs. We created the brand ITstyle4dogs® to improve our lives with our best friends, and every day we strive to inspire and invent new high quality products.

Dogs put people together. It is great to get out in the city, meet friends, sit down somewhere and drink a nice coffee, or going crazy around the park. It has been proven that, thanks to dogs, we don’t just feel better but it is easier to get in contact with other people; and of course with their dogs!

That’s why ITstyle4dogs® believes that a dog is not just an animal to be taken for a walk daily. But a real partner, a mate to run with, a friend to help you find a girlfriend or a boyfriend, a member of the family you can bring anywhere, sometime at work too (did you know that people allowed to take the dog to work are more efficient?).

Well, if you live together you are important to each other, and it can do a lot for you. So why not returning the favour? For example making sure he is free from parasites, treat a wound, teach good manner or help when scared by a storm. And looking after of its look with new clothes and shirts, possibly matching your creating new fashions. All this is ITstyle4dogs®.


ITstyle4dogs® Accessori per cani fatti artigianalmente Made in Italy